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Hello and welcome to Engage: The NBCRNA Podcast. 

The purpose of this podcast is to provide CRNAs, SRNAs, and the public, a platform to stay informed and up-to-date on topics relevant to nurse anesthesia practice and continuing education. We will address frequently asked questions, take an in-depth look at each component of the CPC Program, and hear perspectives from a variety of CRNAs, credentialing and testing professionals, NBCRNA staff, and members of the NBCRNA Board of Directors. 

May 16, 2018

This podcast on the 2-year Check-in is the first installment of the Understanding the CPC Program podcast series. In this episode NBCRNA Communications Associate Brent Novosel sits down with John Preston, NBCRNA's Chief Credentialing officer to discuss the quick and easy process known as the 2-year Check-in. The 2-year Check-in is the next step in the CPC Program for many CRNAs. We hope you enjoy this episode and find the information valuable. For more information visit the 2-year Check-in page.


About the 2-year Check-in

Under the former “recertification” program, CRNAs came back every two years. That check-in and billing timing stays the same under the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program. Though the continuing education periods in the CPC Program are divided into two 4-year cycles, you will check in every two years to continue the timing that has worked for CRNAs in the past. 

The 2-year Check-in will be a simple, online process to:

  • validate your state licensure*
  • confirm continuing practice**
  • update your contact information
  • review your progress towards CPC Program compliance and make plans for the next two years
  • pay the $110 credentialing fee (the same amount as in the past)